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“Your one stop for all things saxophone related”

Hi! I'm Liverpool based saxophonist Bob Whittaker and have over 30 years experience in playing, teaching, selling and repairing saxophones in the Merseyside area. Whether you're an absolute beginner, a returning player or want some specific technique improvements etc. I can help!

Saxophone lessons are one to one and taught from my teaching studio within Curly Music School (Ist floor of Curly Music Shop, Liverpool City Centre).

I can help you with all aspects of playing, give advice on choosing a saxophone or mouthpiece and so on and also service and repair your instrument should anything go wrong - everything under one roof!

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Bob Whittaker

I have been playing saxophone for some 30 odd years and been teaching for over 20. We can go right from the beginning and getting your first note out to preparing for exams, performance and so on.

I tailor lessons to suit each individual and help devise a fun, manageable but effective practice plan for you so you really improve and enjoy it!

My mission is to enthuse you to practice and get a great sound using correct saxophone technique - if you sound good you'll love playing!

If at some stage you wish to take exams (music grades), I can prepare you for ABRSM classical or jazz and Trinity Guidhall.

An other benefit of my teaching is that I am also a director of Curly Woodwind Ltd and previously managed the Woodwind department at Rushworths Music so have 25 years experience in selling saxophones, accessories and repairs. Therefore I can really help give you advice on choosing an instrument, mouthpiece, reeds - anything at all and explain the differences between all products whether they be new or used, what repair costs might be - I also have pretty extensive knowledge on vintage instruments.

I have performed at various clubs, events and festivals in the UK - Manchester Jazz Fest, Gateshead International Jazz Fest, Lancaster Jazz Fest, Liverpool Jazz Fest, Marsden Jazz Fest, Birmingham Mostly Jazz Fest, Matt & Phreds Jazz Club, Southport Jazz Fest, Scarborough Jazz Club, Bradford JATP Jazz Club, Buxton International Fest ..... I'm currently a Jazz North ambassador and signed recording artist for Anti Social Jazz Records

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Don't worry if you don't yet have a saxophone, I can lend you one for the lesson!

Lessons are taught on a one to one basis - no groups or shared lessons - you get ALL the time you pay for!

I usually teach Monday - Thursday from 5.30pm onwards, contact me to discuss availability.

I teach 1 hour lessons only, at a cost of £30.00 per lesson.

You can book one lesson to start with and see if you like it. If you wish to continue, I ask that you book and pay for 4 lessons in advance. 

My cancellation procedure is as follows: if you give me at least 24 hours notice of cancellation, I will not charge you and "roll" the lesson forward to another date. If you cancel on the day or don't show, unfortunately, I will have to charge you for the lesson.

I try and be as fair as possible and this system has worked well for me and students for the last several years.

Here are some current testimonials:

"Bob  Whittaker at Liverpool SAX Lessons is a great musician and an equally good teacher.  He always explains things very simply and in a very clear way. I could not recommend him more highly.  He is the best." Pat O

"Liverpool Sax Lessons has guided me from total novice to performing in front of over 700 people at Liverpool Philharmonic Hall . Ok, I was just one amid 100 other musicians but I was able to play with confidence and didn't let the side down. Sax lessons with Bob are instructive, productive and original, he is a total expert as both player and teacher, and he'll go the extra mile to help you." Charlie L

"Bob is a very knowledgeable teacher with extensive teaching experience.  He knows his stuff ! I have been playing for a long time and he was very quickly able to make  a judgement in my first lesson about what I needed to work on to improve. I would recommend Bob  for anyone wanting to learn jazz improvisation and anyone who is  looking to improve their sax technique and sound." Julie C

"I was only in Liverpool for  a short time and had lessons with Bob every night. I learnt more in that week than I had in the last six months. He gave me a lot to think about and a lot to work on. I've been playing the tenor saxophone for four years. I'm using Bobs suggestions and advice in my daily practice routine. I also got to see him play live at the Caledonia on the Friday night. If I was still living in Liverpool, I would have regular lessons with Bob, a great teacher and a great saxophone player." John C

"Bob’s a great teacher as well as a great player. Conveniently based in Curly Woodwind in the City Centre. I always enjoy my lessons and always come away feeling I’ve learned something. No hesitation in recommending as a teacher for beginners or players looking to improve their technique and/or improvisational skills." Paul F

"Easy to get to , great when you get there. I’ve had lots of lessons with different teachers , Bob is spot on and I’m learning loads. Thanks" Tracey H

"Bob doesn’t just teach you how to play saxophone, you learn what an incredible instrument it is, the range, the beautiful tone you can achieve with the right techniques and you learn to develop your skills through playing music you love. You will make fast progress and never look back. Can’t recommend enough...." Lisa B

"I've been attending the Friday night session with Bob since last year. The sessions are really informative delivered in a manner that are aimed at your level of playing and good fun. Couldn't recommend it more highly to anyone looking to move their playing to the next level." Nigel C

"I started having one to one lessons with Bob last year, and through his teaching technique i believe (and have been told by friends) I’ve made good gains in my ability. 
Highly recommended" Kevin T

"Great tuition from a professional musician who knows what he’s talking about. If you want to play the instrument properly and not just blow a few notes then Bob’s the teacher for you." Gill R

"Bob has been my sax teacher for about ten years, he knows when to push you harder and when to take it easy. It is very rare that I don’t laugh at some point during a lesson which was something I never expected when I started. 
No matter what stage you are at learning the sax Bob can help you, whether like I was a complete beginner or someone with years of experience give him a try- you won’t be disappointed!" David R

"Have been playing sax for a few years. Well thought I’d been playing, but actually had just been blowing some air through it whilst moving my fingers about! Have now been taking lessons from Bob for about six months and am at last actually starting to understand the instrument and the techniques required to play it correctly. I have made more progress in the last six months than since first starting to play! 
Bob is both an excellent teacher and player & his lessons are great value for money. So no matter where you are on your saxophone journey you will certainly gain immensely from one to one lessons with him." Roy E

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